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Solar Energy equipment has the potential to produce valuable energy for a long time. Most of the Solar equipment DG Solar offers has a warranty good for at least 10 years. At DG Solar, we embrace a two-step recipe for producing customer satisfaction and success.

Step 1 – start with high quality, proven Solar equipment. After many years in the Solar industry, a lot of training, and a lot of research, we have identified and aligned ourselves with the most dependable, field tested Solar equipment available. This is very important, as many people cannot distinguish between grade A and grade D Solar equipment.

Step 2 – We use our experience to install the equipment correctly. Whereas there are companies that aim to “knock out this job asap,” we at DG Solar focus on long term durability. We take the tedious and comprehensive steps to design and install a Solar System that will last.

As you browse through our site, you will see many examples of top quality Solar equipment beautifully installed. Then if you go on to look at the videos you will see what all that hard work and dedication are really for.

DG Solar – put us to the test. We put the Sun to work for you.