The Benefits of Going Solar

Solar Panels

The solar industry is growing at an unprecedented rate, and with good reason. The immense power that fuels solar technology is safe, clean and within the reach of nearly every homeowner. What are the benefits of owning a PV Solar system? Consider these 4 advantages:

1. Free Fuel For Life –In as little as 10 years you will have received a full return on your investment of a PV Solar system. After that, the only remaining expense is the maintenance of your system. In addition, the savings derived from lower utility bills will continue long past the life of a mortgage. A PV Solar System produces an unlimited and unending source of power right within the confines of your property.

2. Environmentally Clean and Safe – Unlike most of today’s power plants, PV Solar Systems do not contribute to pollutants such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide. It’s estimated that the average solar system can offset more than 150 tons of carbon dioxide over a 30 year life span.

3. Precise Calculated Savings – Each household will vary in electricity usage. You can use a simple formula to accurately calculate the money saved by installing a PV Solar System. Here’s the formula:

Kilowatt hours of electricity generated from PV Solar power per year
multiplied by
The kilowatt hours used per year
The annual kilowatt energy from the PV system.

The next step is to multiply the annual energy from the PV System by the current residential electricity rate.

This final amount represents the money you’ll save on a yearly basis. The average US homeowner saves nearly $1,000 a year.

4. Manufactured Durability – The components of a PV Solar System are designed to be dependable and adhere to strict durability standards. As a result most systems can easily reach a 30 year life. Generally a system will only lose one half percent of efficiency per year. This represents many years of usage and energy savings.

Purchasing a PV Solar system is an important investment you will want to protect. So avoid the “do it yourself” approach and get the needed expertise. You will ultimately maximize the years and minimize the maintenance of your solar system by using an installation professional.

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