Case Studies

GTCC Green House Project

GTCC Crew (1)

The GTCC house, completed in the summer of 2011, was a project of the local community college that provided GTCC students from several disciplines the opportunity for a hands on building experience.

Since this house focused on using ‘Green Technology,” Solar Equipment, including Solar Electric or PV, along with Solar Hot Water Heating, were a natural and seamless fit into the overall design.

In support of GTCC and the students, DG Solar volunteered both guidance, tools and some materials during the Solar phase of construction. It was a great experience and we really enjoyed working with and training the next generation of solar installers.

All of the students were highly energetic and eager to learn. The installation came out looking great, working great and leaving the whole crew proud of their first solar installation. Way to go guys, we hope to see some of you back up on the roof.